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Blockchain Investigations and Asset Searches

Blockchain Investigations and Asset Searches Blockchain Investigation Agency

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency-centric future, compliance and intelligence are requisite capabilities. Banks, crypto companies, law enforcement, and governments trust us to monitor complex risk and power investigations.

Our blockchain intelligence ecosystem delivers best-in-class crypto tracking, analytics, risk monitoring, compliance, attribution, and visualization.

We have helped to recover millions of dollars of stolen cryptocurrency. We have investigated and tracked Bitcoin belonging to suspects in hundreds of cybercrime cases. We have served as expert witnesses on major cases.

How do blockchain investigations work?

Blockchain intelligence companies can trace bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions to help ransomware victims understand who the attacker is and perhaps how they can get their money back.

We are able to trace and track the flow of funds in ways that were never possible, at the company Blockchain Investigative Agency, which provides software to trace cryptocurrency transactions. Making sense of raw blockchain data can help ransomware victims get some of their money back, but it can also shed light on other types of criminal activities, from that nation-state actor that operates on the blockchain to any financial fraud or even kidnapping cases. Often, investigations require weeks of work, niche technical knowledge, and some creativity, but "there's definitely a not insignificant chance of getting at least 25% lead case manager at blockchain investigation agency Blockchain Investigative Agency.

Yet, Blockchain is designed to prevent many of the issues associated with the protection and speed of digital information transfer. Initially used with financial data, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain has evolved in new and exciting ways.

For instance, the movements of assets like diamonds and cobalt are trackable and more secure using blockchain. When it comes to discovering existing and emerging assets, investors and analysts need the right tools to identify meaningful and valuable results.

With blockchain, a record of transactions in digital form is copied and shared on a large network of computer systems. The aim of the technology is to create a fast and effective recording of information, which is almost impossible to alter, compromise or hack. This has the unintentional side effect of making blockchain asset searches challenging to the uninitiated.

Blockchain in Finance

When the concept of blockchain first arrived with Bitcoin, financial institutions were resistant to getting on board. However, in recent years, you may have noticed that banks and online payment platforms either accept crypto as a payment method or actively deal in digital currency.

Most bank transfers take a number of working days, leaving you with finances tied up in the system while transaction checks take place. More financial institutions are incorporating blockchain technology, tools, and assets in order to allow direct transactions with same-day settlement.

Acquiring blockchain assets means eliminating unnecessary third-party individuals and financial institutions. Anonymous ID numbers are used in every transaction, making it difficult for others to tamper with the information or apply human biases.

Blockchain Asset Investigator

A blockchain asset investigator can help you identify existing and emerging opportunities. Up to 50% of bank and brokerage accounts are not easily searchable. Blockchain Investigative Agency has developed advanced investigative tools, technologies, and partnerships to provide our customers with unique advantages in searching for blockchain assets.

Other asset investigators are not able to offer search results that are not available through basic online search engines. Only we can supply extensive data on crypto and other asset history, movements, security, and investment potential.

To learn more about our exclusive blockchain asset investigation tools, reach out to Blockchain Investigative Agency today. We are professional PIs with access to military-grade intelligence and technology.

We illuminate blockchain transactions

Blockchain Investigative Agency specializes in blockchain forensics and tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in investigations. We have established partnerships with exchanges, and all leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and use a combination of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques. We leverage deep in-house experience.

We help to recover digital assets

We help cybercrime victims when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are involved, such as in cases involving Hacking incidents, Investment Fraud, SIM-Swapping, “Exit Scams”, Ransomware, Embezzlement, and Theft. We work with exchanges, law firms, law enforcement, regulators, blockchain companies, ICOs, executives, and crypto VC firms to help track and recover stolen cryptocurrency. Whether it’s an exchange hack, a fraudulent ICO, or a major Bitcoin theft, we provide actionable intelligence in such matters, with the aim of leading to funds recovery. We do not legally represent the customers, and we do not act as lawyers or attorneys.

Cryptocurrency Forensics Reports

Blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency forensics accounting involve both tracking and interpreting the flow of cryptocurrency assets on blockchains.

The data on public transparent blockchains like that of bitcoin is publicly available, however, a large number of wallet addresses and transactions need to be deciphered, assessed, and interpreted in each and every case in order to properly track the flow of funds and report on it accordingly.

We’re able to conduct such analysis accurately thanks to our fact-based approach, our access to leading-edge tools, and our deep experience in this area. We are Chainalysis certified.

We have experience with authoring detailed and highly actionable forensics reports that explain the flow of digital assets in layman's terms, including visual diagrams, and can be readily used by law enforcement.

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

At Blockchain Investigation Agency is a team of credentialed experts for matters involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We’re available to offer expert witness testimony in cases pertaining to blockchain technology including cybercrime, cryptocurrency wallet & exchange hacks, SIM-Swapping, fraudulent ICOs, investment fraud, romance scams, cryptocurrency compliance and AML policies and procedures, hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets, as well as other cases involving civil litigation.

The technical aspects of cryptocurrency ownership and blockchain forensics often need to be explained to judges and other legal professionals in an easy-to-understand way. This is because they often have little to no knowledge of blockchain technology, how cryptocurrency can be tracked, or how ownership of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be attributed to an individual even though it’s strictly digital in nature.

Blockchain Investigation Agency is an elite team of analysts and experts that is geographically distributed around the world. We have been called upon as experts in many different jurisdictions around the world.

We are well-known cybercrime investigators with a focus on cryptocurrency and have an extensive network of law enforcement, legal and exchange contacts, and most importantly, deep experience with hundreds of cases. Multiple Blockchain Investigation Agency personnel is Chainalysis Reactor Certified (CRC), among other certifications, and we utilize tools we’ve developed in-house as well.

If you are a victim of cybercrime, contact us by filling out the online contact form on our website or by calling the number +41 44 586 60 33

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