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Crypto Asset Recovery

With the rise of crypto has come an increase in the number of cases where individuals and organizations have lost access to their digital assets due to various reasons such as hacking, phishing, loss of private keys, and more.

​Is it possible to recover lost or stolen crypto assets? Yes, it is possible, but it may be challenging and require a significant amount of time. Our asset recovery efforts are based on the legal principle of self-defense as authorized by our clients, in accordance with laws on obligations and obligations regulations. This legal self-defense can be executed with or without the involvement of state authorities and organizations.

​At our Blockchain Investigation Agency (BIA), we have established the following guidelines for our services:


  • The loss incurred must be at least $500,000 or the equivalent in EUR or CHF, with a typical minimum of $1 million.


  • You must provide proof that the funds in question belong to you.


  • The fraudulent transfer must have been made in cryptocurrency. If the transfer was made via bank transfer, please contact our Head Office, Swiss Security Solutions LLC through their website,

We want to remind potential clients that every case is unique, and we may not be able to take on all cases. If we are unable to recover lost or stolen funds, we will inform the client quickly and without charge. This allows the client to explore other options for resolution.

The Blockchain Investigation Agency, based in Zürich, Switzerland, offers a range of investigative services and solutions related to blockchain technology, including incident response, blockchain forensics, investment fraud response, and cryptocurrency investigations for private and corporate cases, as well as criminal and civil cases. The agency specializes in using blockchain forensics to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in investigations of financial and fraud-related matters, and also provides asset tracing and recovery services.

​PLEASE NOTE: We only reach out to customers if they initiate contact with us first.

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