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Crypto Asset Recovery

With the rise of crypto has come an increase in the number of cases where individuals and organizations have lost access to their digital assets due to various reasons such as hacking, phishing, loss of private keys, and more.

​Is it possible to recover lost or stolen crypto assets or crypto assets lost due to fraud, theft, or online scam?

Yes, it is possible, but it may be challenging and require a significant amount of time, it can be between one and three years, and in some cases up to five or seven years (depending on the country of the fraudster, and law enforcement, state prosecutor and court process speed). 

According to Forbes, the chances of recovering assets lost to cryptocurrency theft and fraud are very rare by private crypto recovery companies based in the USA, UK, EU, and Australia. This is because the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult to trace and recover lost funds. In cases of theft or fraud, the attacker may use tactics such as phishing scams, hacking, or malware to gain access to the victim's cryptocurrency assets. Once the funds are transferred to the attacker's wallet, it can be challenging to track and recover them. While there are some specialized services and software that may be able to help recover lost funds, they may come with high fees or may not be guaranteed to be successful. Government agencies can help. It's essential to take precautions to protect your cryptocurrency assets and avoid becoming a victim of theft or fraud. This includes using reputable wallets and exchanges, keeping private keys secure, and avoiding suspicious or risky transactions.

What can Blockchain Investigation Agency do?

We help to recover the digital assets - We work with crypto exchanges, lawyer firms, international law enforcement, national regulators, blockchain firms and other relevant stakeholders to help our customer track and recover stolen cryptocurrency. We understand that legal proceedings can be stressful, which is why we offer Expert Witness Services to help support your case in criminal or civil proceedings. Our team of professionals can provide testimony and support to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Based on Market changes starting January 2024. We provide our services with flat-fee and 11% Success Fee. Minimum case threshold is CHF 50 000.-


Department "Blockchain Investigation Agency" of Swiss Security Solutions LLC, can act according to laws and regulations as a private detective agency specializing in crypto fraud and crypto theft, which for its work uses the software same as agencies in the USA, UK, and Australia. Our Department is the only one that is capable of integral investigation, which means that we can conduct comprehensive and thorough investigations into cases of cryptocurrency fraud and theft. The integral investigation involves examining all aspects of a case, including the technical details of the transactions involved, as well as any associated parties or organizations. This approach can provide a more complete picture of the fraud and help identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the victim's security measures. Having the ability to conduct integral investigations can be a valuable asset in cases of cryptocurrency fraud and theft, where the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies can make it difficult to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators. Overall, being able to conduct integral investigation sets our department apart from other companies and can provide valuable insights and evidence in cases of cryptocurrency fraud.

Why is our Department "Blockchain Investigation Agency" Investigation and Investigation Report needed? 

When investigating cases of cryptocurrency fraud, the police and prosecutors may need a private investigation report to have an objective opinion that the fraud actually occurred. Cryptocurrency transactions are typically irreversible and occur on a decentralized network, which can make it challenging to investigate and prove fraudulent activity. In cases where fraud or theft is suspected, a private investigation agency may be necessary to collect evidence and analyse the transactions involved.

A private investigation report can provide an objective analysis of the evidence, including information on the transactions and any associated parties involved. This report can be useful for law enforcement and prosecutors in building a case against the perpetrators of the fraud. Additionally, a private investigation report may provide insight into the tactics used by the fraudsters and any vulnerabilities in the victim's security measures, which can help prevent future incidents of fraud. Overall, a private investigation report can be a valuable tool for law enforcement and prosecutors in investigating and prosecuting cases of cryptocurrency fraud.

Fraud is not like any other crime, as communication evidence can be particularly important in proving that fraud has really occurred. In cases of cryptocurrency fraud, communication evidence can include emails, text messages, chat logs, and other forms of digital communication that show the interactions between the victim and the perpetrator of the fraud. These communications can provide valuable insights into the tactics used by the fraudster, as well as any promises or misrepresentations made during the course of the fraud. Additionally, communication evidence can help establish the intent of the fraudster, which is a critical element in proving fraud. For example, if the fraudster made false promises or representations to induce the victim to transfer cryptocurrency assets, this evidence can be used to demonstrate that the fraudster acted with the intent to deceive. Communication evidence can be an essential component in building a case of cryptocurrency fraud. By showing the interactions between the victim and the fraudster, as well as the intent of the fraudster, this evidence can be used to prove that fraud has occurred and help bring the perpetrators to justice.

If the transfer to fraudsters (Romance person, Broker, Investment portal) was made via bank transfer, please contact our Head Office, Swiss Security Solutions LLC through the website form or email, they will put an experienced Fraud Examiner on your case.

Are there other ways of Crypto Asset Recovery?

Yes theoretically, as we did not read any objective report or verified person review, asset recovery efforts can be based on the legal principle of self-defence if so authorized by clients, in accordance with laws on obligations and obligations regulations. This legal civil law self-defence can be executed with or without the involvement of state authorities and organizations, but the existing companies are going to ask you for significant pre-payment. We never recovered lost or stolen crypto assets with this method, and we will not recommend any company or individual, because we are not part of their business, and can not control any process, communication, and payments.


Overall, also according to Forbes, recovering assets lost to cryptocurrency theft and fraud by any private company in USA, UK, EU and Australia is very rare due to the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, as well as the irreversibility of transactions, and as they have no authority to investigate as police and prosecutors. We have many possibilities to help you to recover the crypto assets, contact us for a quote.

The Blockchain Investigation Agency, based in Zürich, Switzerland, offers a range of integral investigative services and solutions related to blockchain technology, including incident response, blockchain forensics, investment fraud response, and cryptocurrency investigations for private and corporate cases, as well as criminal and civil cases. The agency specializes in using blockchain forensics to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in investigations of financial and fraud-related matters, and also provides asset tracing and recovery services.

​PLEASE NOTE: We only reach out to customers if they initiate contact with us first. We will not contact you first.

Read about our company Swiss Security Solutions LLC and our Department "Blockchain Investigation Agency" latest findings on Yahoo Finance.

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