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Price List

We are providing the Price List:

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  1. Incident Response:

    • Initial Consultation: CHF 500.-

    • Incident Analysis & Report: CHF 2’500 - CHF 5’000.- (depending on complexity)

    • Ongoing Monitoring (per month): CHF 1’000.-

  2. Blockchain Forensics:

    • Transaction Tracing (per transaction): CHF 500 - CHF 10’000.-

    • Wallet Analysis: CHF1’000 - CHF 3’000.- (based on the number of transactions)

    • Darknet Search & Analysis: CHF 3’500.-

  3. Investment Fraud Response:

    • Initial Fraud Assessment: CHF 750

    • Recovery Action Plan: CHF 2’000.- (we do not recover crypto)

    • Litigation Support (if required): CHF 5’000 - CHF 10’000.-

  4. Cryptocurrency Investigations:

    • Source of Funds Analysis: CHF 1’500 - CHF 4’000.-

    • Expert Witness Services (per day): CHF 2’500.-

  5. Consultation Services:

    • Project Administration:  CHF 250.-

    • Hourly Rate: CHF 250.-

    • Half-Day Workshop: CHF 1’200.-

    • Full-Day Workshop: CHF 2’200.-

  6. Special Retainer Services:

    • Monthly Retainer (includes priority service and 10 hours of consultation): CHF 2’500.-

    • Annual Retainer (includes priority service and 120 hours of consultation): CHF 25’000.-

Billing: Please note that our agents and client liaison staff are billed at a standard rate of CHF 250 per hour excl. 8.1% VAT. The minimum charge is CHF 62.50 excl. 8.1% VAT per item, which covers up to 15 minutes of work initiated. This rate applies to all communication channels, including email, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Telegram, Signal and phone calls. By submitting a retainer payment, you agree to the terms, prices, and charges outlined in our price list without objection.

What is a Retainer payment - check our FAQ.

Disclaimer: Swiss Security Solutions LLC, department Blockchain Investigation Agency, makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the results of investigative and legal support services, as all results of investigative and intelligence services as well as legal support services by their nature are not guaranteed and are limited by time and resources. No illegal or unethical services will be knowingly provided by Swiss Security Solutions LLC. Only investigative services which are in compliance with all state, federal and international laws, regulations and industry best practices will be performed.

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