• Mark Stanley

Why Cryptocurrencies are falling down during Ukraine war?

Conflict in Ukraine from February 2022 has escalated with NATO armoury support of Ukraine and plans to build the rocket bases in Ukraine near borders of Russia. Russia disagreed, but NATO did not hear, on the end only people who live there in Ukraine have problems, no NATO countries.

Why Cryptocurrencies are falling down during this so-called Ukraine war?

The answer is simple, the most of the miners and mining process are conducted in Russia and at the moment that is not priority number one. Are Bitcoin and Blockchain something where Russia have had enormous profit in last 5-10 years? Well that answer we can not give, but there are information which could allow confirming this statement. This is today irrelevant, as digital assets are developing in all regions of the World, but nothing is the same as from the beginning of Crypto-Trading till February 2022 (Ukraine war).

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