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Scam Website & other - Fraud Warning

A number of people from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, EU have asked do agents James Hunt, John Wall, Allan Fisher, David (caller), Stuart (caller), Shaun Blaxley, Daniel Arthur James, Russel Thompson, Alex Young, Viktor Schneider, Nick Foss, Bill Green, Bill Foss, with UK Driving Licence, etc... work for us, for our Blockchain Investigation Agency. We had to inform that we have not this names in our organization.

The scammers involved in this scam/crypto fraud are using the following numbers as WhatsApp: +44 7444948804 (UK), +447588772137 (UK). Please note that our agents are using only Swiss numbers with +41 XX XXX XX XX (CH).

Do not give anyone from a private company remote access to your computer, laptop, or your crypto wallet. They will transfer the money or crypto assets from your accounts to their accounts.

Furthermore, they informed us that they called and mailed them first with following untrue email information ".. We are contacting you from the Blockchain Investigation Agency™. We have successfully investigated your case with the collaboration among NCET (The National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team).....We are glad to inform you you that we found the wallet under your name "Name, Surname" , that is holding "X.XX" BTC which is equivalent XX,XXX USD by today's rate. ... For you to claim these funds and retrieve them to your bank account, you will need to go through verification steps. The process will also require an active and verified crypto wallet under your name, which will be eligible for receiving and converting the Bitcoin to a desired currency. Our representative will be assisting you for the whole process, and will also help you create a trusted wallet in case you do not have one. For your information: All calls are recorded and monitored and in case of any complaints regarding our representative's work you can email us, and we will monitor the whole conversation. Note that, you will only need to pay our company 2.5% of the refunded amount only after you receive the whole amount back to your bank account. ... " of course, they will come and ask for money.

Fraudsters used the same mail text format as we use, and said that they are from our corporation Swiss Security Solutions LLC, and gave the real address of our company. The website is according to data from the registry, registered on the following responsible person:


Flat 2, 49 Deptford Broadway, London, England, SE8 4PH, United Kingdom


UPDATE September 2022: Another fraud & scam websites came in the meantime from the same or another fraudster group with the same scam system, and they are registered in August 2022 as well as registered on 7th September 2022 and with phone number +123456789 - no company behind the websites. Fourth is .

If you need a real blockchain investigation, please note that our company do not call first, and we do not mail you first. On the other side, the agents at our Blockchain Investigation Agency are using emails from the company domain, not from BIA. Most important, you have to have a contract, so we could start to work on your case. We do not work without a contract and Retainer.

The Executive Board decided to go further with this Scam Website Fraud.


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