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Press Releases from Swiss Security Solutions regarding Scam Websites - Fraud Warning

This post is to raise awareness about the Scam Websites and Fraudsters who are pretending that they are some kind of Office in the UK and USA and using the fake websites and WhatsApp phone numbers from UK.

A number of people from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, EU have asked do agents James Hunt, John Wall, Allan Fisher, David (caller), Stuart (caller), Shaun Blaxley, Daniel Arthur James, Russel Thompson, Alex Young, Mike Brown, Viktor Schneider, Nick Foss, Bill Green, Bill Foss, with UK Driving Licence, etc... work for us, for our Blockchain Investigation Agency. We had to inform that we have not this names in our organization. The scammers involved in this scam/crypto fraud are using the following numbers as WhatsApp: +44 7444948804 (UK), +44 7588772137 (UK), as well as +1 226-828-9624 (USA).

Please note that our Agency and agents are using only Swiss phone and WhatsApp numbers with +41 XX XXX XX XX (Switzerland).

Do not give anyone from a private company remote access to your computer, laptop, or your crypto wallet. They will transfer the money or crypto assets from your accounts to their accounts.

And about 250 more from World News.


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