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Fraud Alert & Identity Scam - New Fake Website says its Blockchain Investigation Agency™

A citizen from U.S.A. has asked for verification from our Blockchain Investigation Agency™ if Mr. Nicolas J. Moore's number is +49 176 949 612 XX and belongs to Blockchain Investigation Agency - Swiss Security Solutions LLC or not. This person used the email which belongs to the fake website which is linked with the website and email On both fake websites, they published that they are located in Israel, without company registration, and without a fixed phone number in Israel.

Before calling, they sent the initial mail to "Customer" first, as follows:


You are receiving this e-mail due to beginning of your recovery process.

As stated, you have almost completed the requirements introduced by our representative (Nicolas J. Moore) and have several steps left. However, there has been miscommunication between you and the agent. Therefore, additional explanation will be given below:

The recovery amount stands at 672,500£. Due to insufficient funds, you were given a special condition and are only putting 3,500£ to your own wallet as an insurance deposit to secure safe withdrawal.

Insurance deposit will be credited back to original account, in full. It needs to be emphasized that the amount mentioned above is not a payment.

The recovery process is completely free, though requires technical steps to complete it.

Nicolas will contact you again.

Kind regards,

Blockchain Investigation Agency

Please note that Blockchain Investigation Agency™ - Swiss Security Solutions LLC does not send such emails, and we do not call you first, because you have to have a contract/agreement with us and paid Retainer for investigation.

If you receive such or similar emails and calls, please ignore them, and do not throw away your money, especially do not give access to your computer and crypto wallet.

If you really need to open a Case with Blockchain Investigation Agency, please visit our page Open a Case.


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