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Fraud Alert: CS Holding from UK does not have anything with our Agency, beware of Scam

Updated: Mar 13

Scam Evidence 1
Scam Evidence 1

The website of CS Holding started work on 10th February 2023 and copied our (this) website, to defraud people around the World. The fraudsters and scammers domain is and as well as all E-Mails associated with those two domains, for example one of used is

Do not pay anything to them and do not give any kind of PC Access to them.

The UK phone number published on the website is +44 789 39 30 293. Block the calls and do not answer the calls. Ms.Natalie Williamson sent the link in a separate email, This separate link is used for fraudulent payment. Her second telephone number was 1-437-837-4425.

Scam Evidence 2
Scam Evidence 2

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