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Feedback Statement regarding Fraud Warning about Scam Websites

"Thank you very much for warning me about Nick Foss. He sent me an email on 06.09.2022. Because I don’t hear very well, he sent another email in which it is stated that my wallet was found under my name.

I assume this wallet was found in Krypto24 . I don’t know which funds are referred to. I read that if I want to make a claim for the funds and to retrieve them to my bank account I must go through verification steps. There was a whole page with Information. At the beginning I read: We are contacting you from Blockchain Investigation Agency.

At the beginning of February I was registered at Krypto24 to take part in trading. At first I did not want to participate, but the Junior Broker (Mr. Levi Liegerman) did finally get me to try after all, but I wanted to do this for only a month or two and no lomger because I did not want to have too much Money, because I live iin a Gemeindebau in Vienna, which is allowed only for persons with small incomes, in my case on account of my low pension. I knew I must be careful and have not too much money.

Three weeks after the start, the Handelskonto was closed down by Blockchain - probably by Mr. Thobias Weber. Then, just a few minutes afterwards a man called on my phone and asked if I had lost any money -and presented himself as a kind of security official.

Since then I have been in contact with him. On 02.03.2022, I received a Blockchain Bestätigungsdokument with the London (HQ), United Kingdom, Office 86, 90 Paul St, Shoredich address. According to this Bestätigung, 9,8 % of my Capital with the value of 0.309999 BTC would be taxed and then the Bitcoins would have the actual value of €12.325,96. That seeemed to me to be fair and so I sent the sum of €1.207,94 for the tax. After the payment the rest of the Capital should have been sent within a very short time, and after some weeks it did not come to my bank account. A few weeks later, another document was sent with the comment that the Mr. Damian Willson had made an error and that I should receive € – (I have forgotten the exact amount) for which, however, just over €12.000,00 had to be paid for the tax. THat was too much for me – but Mr. Willson insisted I should continue to get the capital in the end. But I have never had such an amount of money. My monthly Pension is just €788,84 - and the very small resource that I had before was then lost after the payment for the capital.

This story is not at an end yet. Mr Willson started up a new wire and did so under my Name and without consulting me! And now he wants me to pay €11.000,00 to get the €111.000.00 Capital! In the first wire I was urged 10 times in all to make further payments – and I lost €19.171,41! Just a few weeks ago he asked me to send him €3.200,00, for what I thought was the very last time, to get the first Capital. He told me he needed it only for verification, and that the money would be sent back. Mr. Gunder Mages, who is connected with Sparkasse Hochfranken, sent a kind of transfer document as proof that the Money should be returned to my bank – but something seems to be out of order because my bank would not put the Money in my account! I don’t know what it is, but something seems to be illegal. Something that prevents my bank from giving me my money back! And Mr. Willson wants me to lose again €11.000,00!

That is why I have contacted you and I want to thank you for letting me explain what has happened

With my sincere thanks for your help,

Mrs. M. Enfield

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Comment of the BIA

We are commenting this with great thanks to Mrs. Enfield, and publishing the first ever message of Satoshi and his Whitepaper dated 01.11.2008 - Bitcoin.

We are here to help and support you, remember we do not call or message anyone first, that is a first sign of fraud/scam.

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